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Ben Shinn Trucking: The Story

Started in 1930's

Ben Shinn Trucking, Inc. was started in the 1930's by Benoni E. Shinn of Knoxville, Iowa. The business is currently run by his sons who helped him grow the business to what it is today. The business is a privately owned family business and has since moved to Eddyville, Iowa where the day to day operations are handled. An additional terminal has opened at exit 133, off of I-35 by Ellsworth, Iowa. Originally employing several people with only a few tractors/trailers, it has grown to include roughly 100 power units with approximately 110 full and part time employees. The company is focused primarily around its over one hundred 39-foot end dump trailers, which carry dry bulk products, including metals, glass and alloys. Ben Shinn Trucking, Inc. is the largest end dump company in Iowa, ranks in the top five nationwide and carries a satisfactory safety rating. With its central location, it provides timely service to all areas of the US, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

48 states, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

We haul dry bulk products in 39 foot end dump trailers and run in all 48 states, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Quebec. We have end dumps which are for hire and we have all newer model conventional trucks.

Rate information

If you would like information on having a load hauled or a rate quoted, please call Greg in dispatch at (800)369-8286 or email him at Please be sure to include your contact information such as name and phone number in the email.

Landscaping products

With our 48 state operation, it has made it possible for us to bring unique landscaping products to our yard from all over the US. We have the largest supply in the midwest and all of our products are sold directly to the public at very reasonable prices.

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